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Aksa Otomasyon company primarily operates in the field of “Industrial Automation”. While providing the automation products of the world’s leading companies for which it is the dealer and system Integrator, it also tries to offer solutions carefully. In addition, it aims to provide the same meticulous service in all automation products other than these brands.


With more than 10 years of experience, we are with you in your projects.

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We continue our activities as a company that accepts quality, reliability and prestige in accordance with administrative and technical specifications, without compromising ethical values, in a way that we have adopted as a principle in the sector, both at home and abroad, in Industrial Automation and other fields in which we operate.
To keep the quality awareness at the highest level in service and product,
To follow the technological developments closely and to ensure the adaptation of the infrastructure and employees to this development,
To manage the team spirit professionally with a structure that is suitable for constantly developing and changing conditions,
To be a safe, peaceful, democratic and law-abiding business,
To be aware of its social responsibilities and to take part in social projects for a contemporary society.


In the upcoming period, we hope to become a world-class company by surpassing the development momentum of the Industrial Automation sector in the country. In this respect, we aim to be socially beneficial, to fully meet the needs of our corporate and individual customers without forgetting to value nature and people, to produce user-friendly and functional solutions, and to help our customers adapt quickly and effectively to competitive conditions with our ever-evolving and distinctive products. .